What is PeopleSharing?

Neighbourly sharing of goods, services, support, homes and recreation.

Share Time!

  • Offer yourself as a listener to neighbours in need

Share Skills!

  • Offer your abilities to neighbours and seek out folks who know how to get it done

Share Heartstrings!

  • May as well see who catches your eye

Share Goods!

  • Make possessions available on a short-term basis to friends and neighbours including:
    • Gardening & Property Maintenance (e.g. hedger, ladder)
    • Hand Tools, Power Tools, Machinery (e.g. chainsaw, power drill)
    • Leisure & Outdoor Gear (e.g. canoe, kayak, tent)
    • Tables & Chairs (e.g. portable for parties & yard sales)
    • Other

Share Together!

  • Offer and seek home-based:
    • Activities
    • Dinner Parties
    • BBQ’s
    • Gatheringss
    • Events
    • Classes
    • Outings

Share Homes!

  • Offer your home to travelers seeking low-cost accommodation and/or performers seeking exhibition/performance space
  • Seek out the homes of others for the aforementioned

Share Livelihoods!

  • Notify friends and neighbours of your skills and expertise
  • Search for skills and expertise among friends and neighbours

Just Share!

  • Get and give free things to and from neighbours

Step 1: Create a profile.

Step 2: Reach out to Sharemates.

Step 3: Start sharing!

Check out a sample profile or sign-up here!